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Herbs have always been a part of my life. They were my first foray into gardening as a child. I was allowed to pick herb seedlings on our weekly market visits and I soon had potfuls taking over the verandah. I'd dry bunches covered in brown paper bags in my wardrobe, until the stinky old sock smell of Valerian put an end to that. I made slaves and lotions and all kinds of potions, was gifted a herbal encyclopaedia as a young teen but still never knew what a herbalist was and that you could do those things as a 'job'. I cottoned on in my late twenties and made my hobby formal by completing my degree in Western Herbal Medicine. I'm continually learning about the traditional uses of herbs as well as the modern medicine backing them up.

I love that herbs can be used medicinally in chronic and acute conditions, but also easily grown in tiny backyards and incorporated into the every day of our lives, creating a solid foundation of health and wellness. It's as simple as adding herbs into our everyday meals, running a relaxing bath filled with petals and infused oils or popping into the garden and picking a few mint leaves for a fresh herbal tisane. I love mixing our modern evidence base of medicine with traditional practices that you can do inexpensively at home. Herbal medicine is the people's medicine. It wasn't that long ago that at least one of our family members would know what herb to grab from the garden for an upset tummy, an interrupted sleep through to a premenstrual headache.

You'll find me most days of the week blending up a storm of plant medicine from my little home studio in The Wombat State Forest. I love nothing more than adventuring into the nearby forest and hedgerows to gather weeds gone wild, turning them into an array of plant medicines - infused vinegars, tinctures, oils, salves, balms, tisanes and honied syrups to name a few. On my days off you'll find me exploring the many bush tracks of the Wombat Forest with my rescued hounds Alfie & Scarlett, volunteering in the local Blackwood community in Ambulance Victoria's Community Emergency Response Team, or just sitting quietly enjoying a cup of my favorite tea.


I look forward to helping you on a journey of good health and wellbeing!




  • BHSc Western Herbal Medicine: Endeavour College Natural Medicine

  • Reiki Level II: Gail Meyers

  • Reiki Mastership: Annie Slaughter

  • Cert III Emergency Medical First Response: Ambulance Victoria

  • Level I Kinergetics Kinesiology: Kari Hoskin

  • Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association

  • Senior First Aid Certificate