I thought I better introduce myself, the plant loving human who blends all the tea and plays with all the herbs.

Looking back, herbs have always been a part of my life. I took over mum's back verandah with pots full of culinary and medicinal herbs; played around with making salves, lotions and potions for business study classes in high school; was given herbal and plant encyclopedias for childhood birthdays and I would spend hours upon hours reading through and day dreaming up magical herbal gardens that I would one day have. And of course I have always loved making and drinking tea. I'm obsessed.


Growing up I never knew what a herbalist was, or that you could even 'play' with plants as a career, so after high school I studied Visual Arts and followed in the footsteps of  thousands and became an art school drop out. I came to my senses in my late 20's and enrolled to study Herbal Medicine and haven't looked back.

You'll find me most days of the week blending up a storm of tea and plant medicine from my little home studio in The Wombat State Forest. I'm mid renovating my little kitchen and will soon be holding herbal medicine workshops and consultations once again. In my spare time you'll find me walking the tracks of The Wombat Forest and the hedgerows of the Central Highlands searching for the seasonal bounty of nettles, elderflowers & elderberries, pine mushrooms, wild apples, blackberries, hawthorns and so may edible weeds.

I just love that herbal medicine is a philosophy and way of life that is accessible to all, whether you live in the city or the country. Herbs can be easily grown in backyards, in pots on verandahs or collected from local parks and waterways. Once you find one and learn how to use it, you see them everywhere. Herbal medicine can be as simple as adding culinary herbs into your cooking; infusing vinegar, honey and olive oil; making a pot of tea and strewing some petals in your bath.


Herbal Medicine is the people's medicine and I want to help you discover how wonderful they are and how they can help with your health and well-being.

Caroline xx


  • BHSc Western Herbal Medicine: Endeavour College Natural Medicine

  • Reiki Level II: Gail Meyers

  • Reiki Mastership: Annie Slaughter

  • Cert III Emergency Medical First Response: Ambulance Victoria

  • Level I Kinergetics Kinesiology: Kari Hoskin

  • Member of Australian Natural Therapists Association

  • Senior First Aid Certificate

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